Merion Park Cheese Co. is one of the few urban-based, small batch creameries that produces aged cheeses.


Cheesemaker and owner, Emiliano Tatar, hand-makes small batches of cave-aged cheeses in the town of Merion Station, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. He began as a hobbyist and later built a licensed facility in his home. There, he produces and ages cheeses a few times a month which are sold in several locations in the Philadelphia area. 

Each wheel is painstakingly made using milk from nearby Bucks County. After the fresh cheeses are formed, Emiliano then ages them for several months in cheese "caves" (modified refrigeration units controlled for temperature and humidity. 


Emiliano has lived in the Philly area for over 20 years. He is a full-time, practicing pediatrician and makes cheese part-time. 


For more detail, check out this great write-up in the local press.