Mercer Road
A hard, raw cow's milk cheese, Mercer Road has evolved over the recent past to its current form. It is made in very small batch by the owner, from start to finish . It is a natural rind cheese, aged 90 days in our cheese cave. The milk is sourced from grass-fed cows in rural Bucks County, PA. Mercer Road is a vegetarian friendly product.  
Tasting and pairing notes: buttery, nutty, lactic, creamy, crumbly, tangy, yogurt.
Pairs best with: quince paste, sweet fruit, caramel, fruit mostarda. Enjoy with dry and fruity white wines. Lambic beers or sour ales. 
Martha Street
This raw cow milk, semi-hard beauty is as unique as they come. We've had lots of fun collaborating with the team at one of Philly's most innovative gastropubs: Martha Kensitngon. At Martha, owner Jonny produces small batches of barrel-aged ale that is complex but easy to drink. Martha Street cheese is made using a process of curd washing, in which some of the way is exchanged for beer, coating the curds. The result is a well-balanced marriage of flavors, resulting in a Tomme-style wheel that is both creamy and pungent. It is a one-of-a-kind flavor profile that is a joy to eat alone or paired with sweet jams and fruit. 
Cynwyd Knoll ("kinwood noll")

Based on Swiss Belper Knolle, Cynwyd Knoll is crafted by mixing fresh garlic into the curd. Once the balls are formed, they are rolled in freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper. The cheese is then aged for 60-90 days until it resembles a hard truffle. At that point, it is ready to be grated or shaved over pasta, risottos, vegetables or meats. Or, do as we garlic lovers do and break it up to be eaten directly.